Vomiting and /or Diarrhea


Helping your child through their illness

Vomiting and diarrhea can be dangerous to your child if left untreated. Young babies can becomedehydrated very quickly, but dehydration may occur in any age group including adults.

Signs of Dehydration

1. Irritability
Weight loss
Not urinating (not peeing ) as often as usual
Dry mouth and or increased thirst
Sunken eyes
No tears when crying

What can I do to prevent dehydration?

Begin by giving your child an oral electrolyte solution such as Pedialyte or Naturalyte. Most fruit juices and Gatorade are too high in salts and in sugars and may actually worsen the condition. Start by giving small amounts, 1 tablespoonful every 5 or 10 minutes until it is tolerated. Then progress to small sips every few minutes. Once the child keeps down a few mouths full then progressively increase the amounts taken.

Milk and dairy products should be avoided for 2 or 3 days or vomiting could reoccur.
If you child had diarrhea afterward then begin by giving binding foods that are better tolerated such as rice, apple or apple sauce, and banana

Formula fed babies can go back to formula after 24 48 hours on the oral electrolyte solution. Children on foods should be restarted on toast, dry cereals, apple and banana after 24-36 hours on the electrolyte solution.

Should I give my child anything for the diarrhea?

This usually is not needed. Begin with binding foods as above, banana, rice and apple then progress the diet back to normal. If the diarrhea is perfuse, CALL DR. MERLIS OR DR. PURRIER and you can give the child Imodium AD and follow the directions on the bottle.

When should I call the doctor?

1. If the child is under 6 mo. old and has a fever of higher than 100.4 F
2. If there are any signs of dehydration as above.
3. If vomiting persists for more than 8 hours
4. If the child has bloody stools or green or blood in the vomit
5. If the child has not past urine in 8 hours
6. If your child has a stiff neck.
7. If the child has persistent abdominal pain for more than 2 hours
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